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What Kind of Store Are You Opening?

What Kind of Store Are You Opening?

When you have an idea for a new retail store, or you’ve purchased rights to a national franchise, you can’t wait to open up shop and start serving customers. However, it’s important to keep in mind what type of store you’re opening, how the store will be laid out, and how the products will be presented on the shelves, racks, etc.

At Binick Imaging in Miami, our large-format printing experts can help you design interior barricade and hoarding graphics for your new store, no matter what type of store it is. If you want to showcase certain products on your signs, or feature specific menu items, we’ll make sure they’re easy to spot by any passer-by.

Showcase Your Retail Products

When you’re opening a new retail store, it can be a good idea to display your leading products on your barricade graphics. People will want to know what types of things you’ll be selling in your store, and if you have one product that will stand out above the rest, then why not place it front and center on your signage? It might be an amazing new piece of technology or a beautiful piece of apparel, and you can pique people’s interest with a well-placed, high-resolution image.

Appeal to People’s Taste Buds

If you’re opening a new restaurant or cafe in the mall, then it’s important to appeal to people’s taste buds and make them excited about what’s going to be on your menu. If you’re going to open a burger joint, then put a blown-up picture of your best burger on your hoarding signs, showing off everything that comes on the bun. If you’re going to be selling ice cream, then put your best cone or sundae on your graphics, enticing people to stop by when you’re open and try one of your cold and tasty treats.

Make a Lasting Impression

Images stick in people’s minds, and that’s why hoarding and barricade signs are so important to your store’s success. If they visit the mall on a regular basis, then they’re going to see your graphics, and those images are going to be imprinted in their brains. This is an integral part of branding your store before it’s even open, since shoppers will remember that you will be selling the newest smartwatch on the market, or that you’ll be offering amazing food that they simply can’t get enough of.

Your signs and graphics should make a lasting impression, and if you’re ready to get started on your design, then contact Binick today. We’re based in Miami, but we serve the entire country, so no matter where your new mall store will be located, or what kind of establishment it will be, we can create the perfect signage for you. Our large-format printing team will help you lay out your new graphics, and once they’re printed, we’ll install them in a timely and professional manner.

Call us today at (786) 420-2067, email us at, or contact us by using the button below. We look forward to hearing from you!