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Are You Setting Up a Seasonal Store?

Are You Setting Up a Seasonal Store?

Shopping malls are known for their seasonality, especially around the holidays. Now that September is here, you’ll begin to see Halloween stores popping up all over the place, and fall and winter shops will soon follow. At Binick Imaging in Miami, we understand that you may be planning to open a seasonal store. If so, then you might need hoarding and barricade graphics that will let the public know what’s going on while the store is being put together by your team. With our professional graphic design and installation services, your new signage will be up in no time at all!

When Should You Start?

In our last blog post, we looked at when you should install your hoarding graphics. That post pertained to permanent mall stores and their timeline, but the same premise can be applied to temporary or seasonal stores. If you have the same spot in the mall every year, then you may not feel the need to put up barricade signs while your store is being built. However, if you’re moving to a new location, or you want to attract the interest of passers-by, then it’s important to have signs in the right place. Putting your graphics up a few weeks before you open should be enough time to generate curiosity from regular mall-goers.

Hide the Mess

You’ll also want to hide the mess that’s going on behind the scenes while your store is being set up. Once everything is finished, you can pull the barricades away, revealing a clean, well-lit store that’s ready for shoppers. You may only be setting up for the fall and winter seasons, but it’s important to have a store that’s inviting and where people can easily find what they’re looking for.

How Long Will You Be Open?

Another detail that you can add to your temporary interior mall barricades is how long your store will be open. You may be opening the first of October, and you’re planning to close down by the 30th of December. This detail can be important to include so that shoppers know exactly how long they have to stop by and pick up the seasonal items that they’ve been looking for, whether that’s a Halloween costume or holiday decorations for their home. You can also create signs that are placed around the store once it’s open, letting customers know that they have a limited time to pick up their seasonal gifts.

Get Started Today

If you’re planning to open a seasonal store this year, then contact Binick Imaging today to discuss your hoarding and barricade graphic options. We can design graphics of all sizes, and install them properly before your store opens. Even though you’re only planning to be open for a few months, it’s still important to set a professional tone that will attract and inform people at your local mall.

Call us today at (786) 420-2067, or by using the button below. Once you’ve spoken with us and you’re ready to get started, you can upload your image file online and we’ll get to work.

We look forward to helping you!