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Stadium Graphics

Stadium Graphics signs are one of the most effective advertising tools that can be used to draw attention to businesses. Outdoor sign letters are hard to miss, which makes it easy for potential clients and repeat customers to find your location. Stadium Graphics can also help direct your customers to where to go around your facility, both inside and outside your location. If you want to promote your corporate identity and at the same time advertise your message to the general public, using letter signs is a great decision because they are eye-catching and command attention.

Many businesses that use stadium graphics to advertise have had good success in attracting the attention of the right audience or buyers quickly and efficiently. This type of sign is difficult to ignore, and it makes it easy for existing and potential customers to find where your restaurant, cafe, or business is situated. Outdoor sign letters or plastic sign letters are also effective in guiding your customers to where they need to go; in this way, customers will know where they are, and which way they need to head.

There are many professional sign companies in Miami, but none come near to the standard of Binick Imaging. We’re a company that always ensures that our stadium graphics are top quality, attractive, and able to effectively convey your corporate message to the public.


Improve Corporate Image

An eye-catching and quality stadium graphic placed outside your business premises will enhance the overall image of your company. It can create an attractive first impression from visitors to your company. Whether it is simple outdoor sign letters on the exterior part of the building, or an interior display, your corporate image should stand out. To effectively promote brand awareness and boldly deliver your message, you should incorporate your company colors, logo, and graphics into the stadium graphic.


Letters for signs can be produced from various materials, including wood, PVC, aluminum, acrylic, and more. These materials are strong and can resist even the harshest elements. They are able to remain in good condition for many years.

Gives Easy Direction

A good stadium graphic sign is important to the success of your company. Were it to be absent, existing and potential customers might be unable to find or place your business. Since a stadium graphic has the unique advantage of being noticed from the road, it could be an excellent tool for communicating your company location to the public.

Readable From all Angles

No matter what direction you may be approaching from, your sign will be very readable and visible. This is very crucial to business success.

To get stadium graphics for your business, contact Binick Imaging in Miami today. We offer large-format printing and signage, and we always use the industry’s highest definition printers to create your letters. Our team of experts can help turn your visions into a reality. Why not call us now and discover the difference?

"Binick Imaging has been a key vendor providing many services for our rapidly growing business. We are very happy with their high quality banners, contour cut vinyls and large format printing, including our giant Grand Opening banner on the historic Miami Herald building."

Colby Reese

Deco Bike

"Binick Imaging has been an excellent source in supplying our company with a wide variety of signs at our retail center in Coral Gables, FL. Their quality and turn-around time has earned my business for many years to come. "

Frank Martinez

Talisman Companies

"Binick Imaging has a team of professional's that has made the process easy from beginning to end. They were responsible for our display's in over 20 branches across Dade & Broward County. We are extremely happy with their services."

Sergio Marquez

Sabadell Bank

"When it comes to quick turnaround and exceptional quality we look no further, Binick Imaging is our #1 choice for grand format printing needs. They always meet our deadlines and offer the best customer service in the business."

Allen Calzadilla

Panama Jack

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